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We will answer your questions as soon as possible but this may take several days if we are out of the office or away trekking with clients.

Box 1562, Mbeya, Tanzania

Telephone: +255 (0)754 463471
or +255 (0)784 333269

Contact Details

Our office is on Mbaliza Road, opposite the Rhino Monument in the centre of town. The monument is a symbol of the friendship between Japan and Tanzania.


Getting to Mbeya

  • Mbeya can be reached by road: 12 hours approx by bus from Dar es Salaam and approx 90 minutes from the Malawi border. There is a daily bus service from Ubungo bus station in Dar es Salaam.
  • By train: twice weekly overnight service from Dar es Salaam and Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia.
  • By charter plane, a new airport is expected to open at Songwe in 2011.

Latest News

Songea Town developing visitor attractions
Songea near the Malawi border has been declared a site of historical interest by the Tanzanian Tourism Ministry.

Airport at Songwe
Work has started on Songwe Airport which will should mean access to Mbeya region from Dar es Salaam in under two hours. We will provide more information as soon as this becomes available.

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